Lisol Catalyst - every good idea deserves a chance

Give your invention or business idea the best possible chance of success with Lisol Catalyst.

We’ve learnt, through experience, that the determining factors for a successful or failed project are a lot subtler than the availability of money. Lisol catalyst is designed to give your project the best possible chance of success. Get in touch for an exploratory chat. Alternatively join the Lisol Catalyst discussion on our support and community site at

Team Building -

Lisol Catalyst helps you build the perfect team for your project by connecting you with high calibre people from around the world. Find the right key people at the right time, who provide the best fit for your project.

We consider this such an important component of success that we've created Teamable to provide an alternative way of building management teams.

Click here to checkout Teamable.

Feasibility, POCs and MVPs

Lisol Catalyst can help you quickly evaluate the feasibility of an idea, create Proofs of Concept, Minimum Viable Products and even production-ready products.

Resourcing and Finance

Lisol Catalyst can help you access the appropriate resources for your project. Pre-Seed and Seed Funding is also available for exceptional projects.

Small Print

Please do not forget to protect your idea.

Click here to download our two-way NDA. Signing an NDA is the minimum requirement for engaging with Lisol Catalyst.